Custom Style #4002-T
Custom Style #4002-T

Custom Style #4002-T


This product (and the others in this section (= the Visual_Tool Collections) would have both buttons: 1) the “Add to Quote” and  2) the "Customize" button.

REGARDING APPAREL: I sell team sports apparels (Dek hockey, Baseball, volleyball, etc.) and I am using the same base patterns (or "styles" and in this case, style #4002-T refer to men short sleeves crew neck Tee).  If you look closely at this shirt (the Style #4002-T), it is use for any sports, but it is the graphics print on them makes the sport differences. 

So, DEK(Bandit) and BASEBALL(RedSox) are the same style #4002-T (but they feel different only because of the graphics on them). 

For “VISUAL TOOL collections”, I will sort them by "STYLE #" instead by each sports. 

Question to Ramon:  can you help to add the SPORTS options (displayed on the page just above the « Customize buttton » to follow onto the next page (to the page of the Q-App tool?).

Let me know if you understand.